Solid pine, varnished, outdoor
Our outdoor Armchairs are perfect when you wish to kick back and relax with a hot mug of Tea and a book. These pine chairs are sealed with an outdoor sealant and varnish to protect them against the weather. 
Add the Bench and a coffee table to the mix to create a social set up for any affair. Our outdoor benches compliment the single seater armchairs and create a fully furnished, outdoor seating area. 
Pine bench, varnished, outdoor
Saligna lounger, solid wood, varnished
The Saligna lounger, paired with a cushion, cocktail and your favorite sunglasses is ideal for a day by the pool. Lie back and experience the magic.

At luxx we have done custom orders for some of the coolest places and people. These bench and table sets were for the trampoline park - Rush. Order your custom size corner bench set.

Solid pine, sealed, table set